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October 2012

jedisct1 RT @dragosr: The case of the unexplained FTP connections. Mark Russinovitch’s blog.

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InkeyJones I turned my clocks back – now I can’t see the time

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lambdadevfr “Javascript is the new Punk Rock” and other things about making music in the browser

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jedisct1 Fun with web deobfuscation: /cc @zeroload

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ggjulien Why French Parents Are Superior via @zite

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Saeptem “On peut rien modifier dans un Mac c’est trop fermé” n’est plus une critique recevable : c’est devenu un ARGUMENT.

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benjaminyeurch jBar - Créer une barre call to action avec #jQuery via @LaFermeDuWeb

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nicolargo Editeur #SVG en ligne et libre !

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jedisct1 RT @garnaat: An interesting JSON command line utility, kind of like see or awk for JSON data. Useful.

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InkeyJones I feel I may have the early onset of Alzheimer’s… as I never recognise anyone Facebook tells me are “people I may know”

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jpdeniau Excellente nouvelle : la série Vestiaire arrive à 19h50 sur France 2 dès lundi !

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Numerama Sur Internet, l’artiste est condamné à l’humilité:
Quel serait l’état de l’art traditionnel, si l’on appliquai…

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bdissert “C Compiler Errors (For Real).”

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benjamin_ds Faster than C? Parsing binary data in JavaScript.

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